About Us:

Bringing Beautiful Smiles to You and Your Family!

At BE Orthodontics, we have been proud to serve the wonderful families of Smyrna, Marietta and surrounding communities with beautiful smiles since 1997. Drs. Kathy Bailey-Bruster and Portia Ellis Carter have built a reputation in our area as talented and comprehensive orthodontists who love to have fun and laugh with their patients!

Our doctors provide high quality treatments for the whole family. In addition to braces for teens and adults, we also offer early treatment for preadolescent children, clear and metal braces, Invisalign® clear aligners and Invisalign Teen™, and combined orthodontic and surgical cases when necessary.

Drs. Bailey-Bruster and Carter take the time to know each patient personally and welcome them to our orthodontic family. When you come in for a complimentary consultation, we will give you a tour of the office and introduce you to our outgoing team. Then we will sit one-on-one with each patient, perform a simple oral exam, and make sure each person understands their dental and orthodontic needs. Our doctors will talk to patients and parents about which treatments are recommended, taking the time to answer any questions.

Drs. Bailey-Bruster and Carter
Our practice houses two female orthodontists with the skills and experience to provide a lifetime of healthy smiles for your family. Everyone in our office is warm, friendly, and will do what it takes to make sure you are relaxed and happy here. When patients come in who are nervous about treatment, we always take the time to sit with them, getting to know them personally and making them feel great about coming to see us. After all, our highest goal is to see you smile! Contact BE Orthodontics today, and discover how wonderful orthodontics can be!

Meet Our Doctors

As an orthodontist, I create beautiful, healthy smiles that my patients love to show off. Sharing smiles means sharing joy and I am grateful to have the ability to bring happiness into our community! I know that my patients put great trust in me by coming to see me. I strive for perfection in every orthodontic treatment I provide. I want all our patients and families to feel completely at home here. My staff and I go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and appreciated.


In order to become an orthodontist, I attained the following credentials:

Bachelor Degree, Xavier University of New Orleans, 1988
DDS, Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, NYC, 1992
General Practice Residency, VAMC NJ, 1994
Master of Science, Medical College of Georgia of Augusta for Orthodontics, 1996
Continuing Education

Since starting my practice, I have continued my orthodontic and dental education in order to ensure that my patients always receive the highest quality and most comfortable treatments. I have taken courses through the American Association of Orthodontists, the Southern Association of Orthodontists, Align Technologies, Opal Orthodontics, and the Invisalign Summit. My continuing education helps me utilize updated clinical procedures and also manage our practice so we can provide a truly relaxing and wonderful experience for our patients. I am a member of the National Dental Honor Society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon.

In the Practice

I became a dentist is 1992, and soon decided that I wanted to specialize in orthodontics. I finished my orthodontic residency in 1996 and have been serving our community since then. I truly love what I do, because we don't just create great smiles, we share them every day at every appointment! We want our patients to have a positive and rewarding experience here; a place where the whole family looks forward to orthodontic visits.

At the end of treatment, my goal is to exceed the expectations of our patients or parents. Whether that means a beautiful smile, faster treatment, a comfortable experience or a personal connection, we want to know our patients well enough to give them exactly what they want and more!

Family and Community

I grew up in Fort Valley, GA and now reside in Mableton. My husband, Wayne, and I have three sons named Aaron, Devon and Maddox, and one daughter named Marlee. When I am not in the office, I enjoy tennis, reading, board games, shopping, and of course playing with my kids!

As an active member of our community, I am an active member of Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church and I have been a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority for over 28 years. I also participated in the Rally for a Cure Committee and I have been on the Springtime in the City committee at Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool for the last 3 years. I serve on the Board of Directors of the Adaptive Learning Center which is an organization that provides assistance to kids with a variety of learning differences. I am an active member of the Nickajack Elementary School. I was awarded the Max Bacon's City of Smyrna 2014 Mayor's Award of Education in the volunteer category. I also joined a notable organization called Special Pops Tennis which is an organization that offers an adaptive tennis program specifically designed to share the lifetime sport of tennis with children and adults with intellectual disabilities. I have most recently added Assistant soccer coach to my resume (which I know nothing about) by helping out with the kids' i9 Sports soccer team.

I thoroughly enjoy being an orthodontist and look forward to going to work every day. I love giving people beautiful and healthy smiles. However, the best part of my day is the personal interaction I have with my patients. I am lucky to be part of their lives during treatment, and enjoy hearing about them as well as their families and friends. The smiles I create add joy to their lives and their visits add joy to mine.


In order to be an orthodontist, I attained the following credentials:

Undergraduate Degree, University of Alabama of Tuscaloosa, 1987
DDS, Meharry Dental School of Dentistry, 1991
Master of Public Health, University of Alabama School of Dental Public Health of Birmingham, 1992
Master of Science, University of Alabama School of Birmingham for Orthodontics, 1995
Continuing Education

Orthodontics is always evolving with new technologies, and I strive to provide the most modern and effective treatments for my patients. As part of my continuing education, I take courses through the American Association of Orthodontists, the Southern Association of Orthodontists, Align Technologies, Opal Orthodontics, and the University of Alabama. I also attend Invisalign Summit courses to ensure my patients receive the most effective Invisalign treatments available. I enjoy expanding my knowledge and expertise through continuing education, and bringing those new skills to my practice to benefit my patients.

Dedication to Orthodontics

It is incredibly gratifying to me to help change someone's life for the better through a great smile. I get to know my patients throughout treatment, and in the end, seeing their proud, healthy smiles is my greatest reward. My patients often tell me I have changed their lives for the better because they have improved self-confidence after orthodontic treatment. I take great pride in what I do, and always strive to provide better, more comfortable treatments.

Family and Community

I am originally from Jacksonville, Alabama, and have lived in Smyrna since 1995. My husband, Sherman, and I have two wonderful daughters named Kayla and Baleigh. In my spare time, I enjoy working out, running in marathons, watching my children play soccer, and spending time with my girlfriends.

As an active member of our community, I am a soccer enthusiast with Top Hats, a member of the Mount Paran Baptist Church and I have participated in the ING Georgia Marathon Road Race as well as the Peachtree Road Race.

Meet Our Staff

Hello all! I am the "new-old face" of the Smyrna office! My career with BE Orthodontics began in 1999 when I started working for the doctors as their patient coordinator at the front desk. In 2004 I left the office to become a mom! BE has always found a way to utilize me throughout the years; from marketing general dentist in the area to filing/collecting insurance balances. Now that my 3 boys are in school I was invited back into the office full-time as the treatment coordinator and I couldn't be happier! I am an energetic, out-going, adventurous type and I just love meeting new patients every day and getting to know them a little more each visit! I am honored when a patient chooses our office and make it my priority to make the entire process as smooth, pain-free and yes, even FUN, as possible!

Hi there! I make sure that everything runs smoothly in both our offices. My highest priority is our patients' comfort and satisfaction. The best part of my job is getting to know patients and discovering what we can improve to make their orthodontic experience even better! I am known as THE BOSS to everyone even the doctors. They empower me to do the best job that I can do and that makes working here very nice. I do make my bark worse than my bite because I am the shortest of the bunch and have to make sure they hear me all the way down here! Sometimes short people get no respect! I spend precious time with my hubby, children, grandkids and dogs and I love it!

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Hello, I am an orthodontic assistant, and I have been working in our practice since 2005. I help our doctors position braces and bands, deliver removable and fixed appliances, collect full diagnostic records, take Invisalign records, monitor daily lab activities, and other clinical duties. I have been in the dental field since 1997, and truly love helping people get the smiles of their dreams! When I am not in the office, I love spending time with my husband and daughter.

Sky...that's me! I am the ONLY testosterone in the bunch and I like it that way! I have been with BE Orthodontics since 2008 and I love my job as an orthodontic assistant because it is challenging. I love my job as the office comedian because I have a gift of making people laugh even when they do not feel like it. A smile is contagious and it makes me feel good to make a kid or adult who is nervous laugh and feel comfortable. I tend to get in trouble alot, but all I have to do is make the doctors laugh and I am forgiven (most of the time). My colleagues and the doctors provide a great working environment because they do care and have the drive to help everyone. Believe it or not, sometimes they make me laugh. I enjoy spending time with my daughter Nykia, playing basketball and playing music.

Hey Y'all! I am known as "smiling faces" ...I smile because it is easy! I also hold the position of the patient coordinator at the Marietta office. So if you need me, pick up the phone and I will make sure I take care of you with a smile. I initially started working with BE Orthodontics as an orthodontic assistant, took a little hiatus from dentistry and was hired in my current permanent position in 2012. I am in my element because I can greet and smile all day whether it is on the phone or a patient coming through the door. Working with the doctors and staff is very easy for me because it is like being with family. You would think I get tired of smiling and laughing, but I never do! I spend alot of my time with my family and hubby, Linwood, relaxing, exercising and participating in church events.

As an orthodontic assistant, my duties include all aspects of orthodontics, adjusting retainers, ordering inventory, placing braces, fitting patients for appliances and much more. I have been part of our wonderful team since 2001, and love taking the time to gain our patients' trust. I am known around the office as an awesome resource....an encyclopedia of stuff people never think about. Yes, they laugh when I come up with an answer for some questions that are asked of me, but I know they respect me as a resource because they keep coming back. I am also known as Ms. Hospitality. Some of our patients are nervous coming in for the first time, and I enjoy chatting with them and making sure they are comfortable. However, my ultimate call in life is to save EVERY living creature there is. I have been known to pick up a hurt bird, a hit dog and I will probably nurse a spider back to health. But shhhh...got to keep this a secret because the doctors will kill me! After work, you can usually find me playing baseball with my husband and son.

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