BE Orthodontics Review

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Oct 6, 2017 | Posted by R.J.

I was very nervous about the thought of braces. I waited for 2-3 years before I decided to follow through with the decision. I thought I was too old for braces, but I wanted a better smile. I was surprised to know that hey braces don't have an age on it, you can be in your 40's and get them! From the consultation until now a little over a year of having braces. Each visit has been very pleasant and warming. All the staff is comforting and very funny at times. Kids always look and ask " do the braces hurt?" I smile and say of course not, a little discomfort for 2 or three days but not painful. I like the time and patience the staff takes. The dentist truly care about the work being performed and that its done right. The Dentist check the work and its really professional, very impressed! R.J.