As an orthodontic assistant, my duties include all aspects of orthodontics, adjusting retainers, ordering inventory, placing braces, fitting patients for appliances and much more. I have been part of our wonderful team since 2001, and love taking the time to gain our patients' trust. I am known around the office as an awesome encyclopedia of stuff people never think about. Yes, they laugh when I come up with an answer for some questions that are asked of me, but I know they respect me as a resource because they keep coming back. I am also known as Ms. Hospitality. Some of our patients are nervous coming in for the first time, and I enjoy chatting with them and making sure they are comfortable. However, my ultimate call in life is to save EVERY living creature there is. I have been known to pick up a hurt bird, a hit dog and I will probably nurse a spider back to health. But to keep this a secret because the doctors will kill me! After work, you can usually find me playing baseball with my husband and son.